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    Unanswered: Close Backend mdb

    I have an Access DB that utilizes a split front end / back end. I'm trying to provide the ability to FTP the back end data from the front end. In other words, I'd like to have an "Upload Data" button in the front end, that will FTP the back end mdb when clicked. The problem is that with the front end open I need to close the back end. I think this will require the following steps:

    1) Store all linked table names in a table.
    2) Remove all linked tables from the front end.
    3) Close the back end mdb.
    4) FTP the back end mdb.
    5) Restore the links to the back end.

    All steps other than 3 are functional. I just can't figure out how to close the back end mdb. I was hoping that by deleting all the links from the front end, the back end would close, but it doesn't. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Dennis

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    Close Backend MDB - Resolved

    It turns out that I was thinking just a little too hard. All that needs to be done is close all forms bound to any table in the back end. There is no need to remove the links, just simply close all forms that are bound to any back end data. - Dennis

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