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    Unanswered: What is "Automatic reorg evaluation" ?


    Recenty I found this in db2 entry in db2 logs:
    FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, Automatic Table Maintenance, db2HmonEvalReorg, probe:10
    START : Automatic reorg evaluation has started on database BWP

    I know reord command whitch I can run. But what is "Automatic reorg evaluation" and where it is documented ?

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    somewhere in dbforums
    check automatic maintenance in db2 information center..... In your case I guess it has been set to on....

    for your db do
    db2 get db cfg
    and look for the following parameters

    Automatic maintenance (AUTO_MAINT) = ON
    Automatic database backup (AUTO_DB_BACKUP) = OFF
    Automatic table maintenance (AUTO_TBL_MAINT) = ON
    Automatic runstats (AUTO_RUNSTATS) = ON
    Automatic statistics profiling (AUTO_STATS_PROF) = OFF
    Automatic profile updates (AUTO_PROF_UPD) = OFF
    Automatic reorganization (AUTO_REORG) = ON
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