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    Question Unanswered: Access 2003 QueryDef?

    Good morning all.

    I want to be able to populate a subform with information from a query. Currently I have a query connected to a master table. When the user enters the three criteria for the query on the main form, the subform (which is linked to the query) populates. When the user changes fields on the subform, it remotely changes the data in the table via the query. This contant connection to the table seems to cause some random record/page locks.

    I would like to be able to populate the subform with the query information, but not be connected remotely to the table. When the user is finished updating all the records, the click on a button and it run an update query.

    Could this be accomplished using QueryDefs or some other method?

    Thank you,


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    yes, you can work disconnected/unbound.

    i updated an old demo of lazy unbound forms handling that is more or less related to your question - see post #81 on page #3 of the code bank.

    home-made unbound forms "from scratch" can take (???) five times longer to implement. the purpose of the demo is to outline a generic unbound-forms handler module that avoids all the custom code otherwise needed for each form.

    you will quickly notice that the demo works on ONE record. extending to multiple records complicates things and in a multiuser system will be hopeless. your "finished updating all the records" is beyond the scope of the demo.

    you will also see that the demo talks to ONE table. with the lazy unbound approach, data from a second table needs another subform. in general you can work unbound with an arbitrarily complex JOIN but then you get the pleasure of coding the load/save routine

    where is your data?
    a JET dumb file sitting on a server? you might see some sort of improvement with unbound forms, but multiuser performance with more than a small handfull of users will be poor.
    go unbound with the data sitting in an SQL-aware engine and the difference is dramatic.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    We use a FE (Desktop) / BE LAN configuration and utilizing JET 4.0.

    I have been looking into using an SQL server.

    Thank you for responding.


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