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    Unanswered: Fetch First for Oracle

    In DB2, you can limit the number of rows returned in a query by appending:
    "FETCH FIRST n ROWS ONLY" where n is the number of rows you wish to return.

    Can something like this be done in Oracle?

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    SELECT *
    FROM ( your original query goes here )
    WHERE rownum < 42;

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    You only need to put the query in brackets if it's got an order by clause, and you care about getting the first n rows from this ordered sequence.

    If you just want the first n rows that the database gets hold of, just do
    SELECT <fields>
    FROM table
    WHERE <where clause>
    AND ROWNUM <= n

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    Advice on Oracle needed

    Hi, I wanted to study Oracle from the starting level. I am completing new to Oracle and have lettle knowlege in programming. Although I work as PC supporter but mostly on Hardware. I have tried some courses online and not really satisfy with them, Please can any one refer me to any tutorial or learning institute that will works well for people in my category. Thanks

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