Hello Everyone!

I am a newbie to this whole forum thing so please be patient and I thank you all in advance for your insight!

I have a Clipper 5.01 Inventory Management /POS system that I initially wrote
way back in 92. Over the years it has been tweaked and twisted and has served our company of 6 stores very well, and has literally processed millions of dollars in sales. However "the company" wishes to move (or I should say partially move) to a Windows based CRM program. Now the catch is they want to keep the existing DOS based Clipper App to continue handling Inventory, Invoice processing and the Accounts Receivable. This CRM program which as you know handles the Customer information, allows mass marketing, emailing, and a whole lot of other stuff will need to be able to share certain amounts of data with the Clipper App. As this software utilizes the Jet Engine (which I believe is basically the MS-Access engine) it will need to communicate or extract or even push data back to Clipper. Does anyone out there have any experience or insight or general wisdom to share as to how I would look at achieving this?

Again I thank you for your thoughts!