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    Unanswered: Form help

    Hi hopefully someone can help me with this

    here is where i am with a database i am making

    i have a form on the database which is populated from a table

    what i need to know is if this is possible
    the form lists 50 courses then has boxes that are updated with
    course grade when course was sent and when recieved

    what i want to know is if it is possible to have each of these boxes
    filled in based on the student id and course id from a table
    in other words

    the table has the following columns
    Student_ID Course_ID Grade Recevied sent

    can the control for this form for grade
    look for the student_id then the course and fill the grade based on this?

    or is there an alternative method that will work better

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    Thank you for this info

    I did try to set it up using dlookup
    but what i really need is something that
    will still let me update the fields

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