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    Unanswered: Update Using Multiple table

    Hi All,
    I have two table student_object_lookup table and student table.I want to transfer a field from student table to student_object_lookup based on some conditions and joining 4-5 tables.The query was running in SQLServer but giving problem in Oracle. The query below gives the error :"SQL Command not properly Ended".Please provide me the working query or the format in which the query works.The Below query is used for updating 400 records.Please provide me the correct query

    update student_object_lookup set XFIELD4=s.REG_XFIELD4
    from student s,
    object_lookup ol,
    student_object_lookup sol,
    SobjLook_Status cstatus,
    Student_Status SS,
    course c
    where s.STUDENT_ID = sol.STUDENT_ID
    and c.COURSE_ID = ol.OBJECT_ID
    and sol.Status_Id = cStatus.Status_Id
    and s.Student_Status_id = SS.Student_Status_Id
    and sol.OBJECT_LOOKUP_ID = 38080)


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    >and sol.OBJECT_LOOKUP_ID = 38080)
    I see closing parenthesis above but no opening parenthesis "(".
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    Quote Originally Posted by mohsin_550468
    The Below query is used for updating 400 records.Please provide me the correct query
    If you say so. But I do not see anything in the query which should mark this.
    Moreover, Oracle does not support this kind of syntax; as I do not know other databases, I also do not know at all what shall this UPDATE statement do.

    Anyway, you may find correct UPDATE statement syntax in SQL Reference book. It is part of Oracle documentation, available e.g. online on
    Alternatively, you may find examples in some threads in this forums, e.g. in

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