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    Unanswered: To load data from Table to Excelfile

    Hi All,

    i have around 50 queries in sybase, which Support teams are running one by one & pasting the result in a excel file & then sends it to user.

    We have a requirement where we need to write a unix script, which execute the query one by one & generate the excel sheet & send it to user.

    I have completed half of the part, where i am executing query one by one & putting the result into a .txt file.

    Do someone have handy script which convert the text file into excel file?

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    might be easier to select the data from within excel
    From excel click
    data, import external data, new database query
    then select your odbc data source

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    use sqldbx tool

    U can use sqldbx (free to downlaod) where u can write ur query and export the data to excel directly. Or u can use aquastudio. This is also very nice tool to export data in excel format.


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    Pat has the best approach.

    But if you are attached to the script-and-post method, or you have no security implemented (and thus users are not allowed to connect directly to the database from Excel), and therefore the script method is demanded: create the output as a CSV file, not a text file, which loads directly into Excel. Use isql -s",".
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    Wrte an excel from PERL

    On CPAN there is a PERL mod that dows what your seeking.
    Look for the write readme file for a description.

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