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    Unanswered: CLOB Equivalent in DB2 9.1


    I was using the following command to show an encrypted value on a particular column on the DB2 7.1

    select CLOB(column name) from SCHEMA.TABLE_NAME where COL_NAME='value'

    Apparently the same CLOB is not working in DB2 9.1. Without the CLOB i can see only the encrypted value. Can anyone help me what is the equivalent of te CLOB to use in DB2 9.1 to get the value decrypted

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    I'm not sure I understand how you use CLOB() for decryption of anything. What is the data type of the column in question, and how was it encrypted in the first place?
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    CLOB has been working like this for years now (since DB2 V5 or even before). So you will have to be a bit more specific on what exactly you do, the schema you use, and the error you get.
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