The full error message is:
Internal operating system error
File: file path and file name

System information:
Delphi 7, BDE 5.01, Paradox 7
2 Win Vista Business

BDE <Net Dir> is in a shared folder C:\PdoxNet
The program is in a shared folder C:\Prog

Permission are given to the users as full control on those two folders.

The above error pops up intermittently at very different places in the program. It may not happen for hours, it may happen within minutes of entering the program.
After the error, the program freeze.
File path and file name always shows a pdox 7 table that is relevant in the program context. Since the error can occur in any context, any table of the application, small or large, has shown up at one time or another.
There is never any damage to any table. The error cannot be acknowledged, the program is stopped by end process. It can be reentered right away, and it will be impossible to recreate the error. It will happen again, but in another place in another context.
with just one user their no problem in the system. when the second user open the program for sure the message will appear on one station and the other station need a reboot not even the end process works.
Help is greatly appreciated.