Dear members,

In order of my employee (Flextronics Logistics, Venray, Holland), I am in surch of a information system / database for Inbound Planning. I have to analyse the Enterprise Resource Planning market and providers of databases, such as IBM (DB2) and Software AG (Adabase). After a few meetings, today I know a ERP package will not be the best option. It is expensive and it is a entire company solution and not just a solution for a part (Inbound Planning) of our company. We also had some meetings concerning Access. This might be a solution but the service after the implementation will not be enough.

But some things aren't really clear to us: The difference between a database, such as DB2 and Adabase, and ERP.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a database in contradistinction to ERP ???

Please advise.

Many thanks in advance

David Otto
Project Information