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    Unanswered: Archived Transaction Logs in TSM

    DB2 9.5
    TSM (with TDP for R/3)

    My database is configured to archive logs to TSM (using the TDP).
    The TSM disk storage pool used is admittedly smaller than it should be.

    My first question is:
    If/when the disk storage pool is full, it is supposed to go to the secondary storage pool which is tape, but do newly archived logs go to the tape first (last-in-first-out idea) or do oldest logs go first (first-in-first-out idea)?

    Next question:
    When archived transaction logs are included with an online backup, do those archived logs get purged from TSM at that point or do they get purged by whatever TSM archive policy is in use?

    Last question:
    Is there a quick way to purge the archived transaction logs from the TSM storage pool so that active transaction logs can be archived from the active transaction log location since the active transaction log location is becoming full.


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    regarding your first question:
    depending on what management class (TSM_MGMTCLASS) your instance is binded to, will dictate were your logs will be archived. on the tsm server, if the management class has a copy destination of disk, your logs will go to disk first.

    typically a disk storage pool has a high and low migration percentage that when reached, will migrate data from disk to tape. rule of thumb settings are:
    High Mig Pct: 90
    Low Mig Pct: 70

    some tsm admins will initiate migration once or twice a day through scripts.

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    Next question:
    The logs do not get purged if they're included with the backup image. db2 will only include the logs that are required to rollforward to the end of an online backup. If you want to rollforward a point later than the end of backup, then the logs stored in TSM will be retrieved and applied during rollforward.

    Last question:
    db2adutl with the delete option can be used to delete the logs that are no longer needed.

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