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    Unanswered: Report List Box grouping

    Hi all,

    I have a report that shows employee injury data (body part injured & date) presented in List Boxes placed around an image of a human figure. TblBodyPart contains an autonumber column "BodyID" and a body part i.e. "Shoulder". QrySafetyFigure pulls data for a given date range. The List Boxes have a row source of:

    SELECT [QrySafetyFigure].[EDepartment], [QrySafetyFigure].[DateOfInjury] FROM QrySafetyFigure WHERE ((([QrySafetyFigure].[BodyID])=37));

    which works fine. Question: is it possible to group body parts i.e. "left" shoulder (BodyID=36) and "Right" shoulder (BodyID=37) in the same List Box?"

    Thanks for looking!

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    How about:

    SELECT [QrySafetyFigure].[EDepartment], [QrySafetyFigure].[DateOfInjury] FROM QrySafetyFigure WHERE (([QrySafetyFigure].[BodyID]=37) OR ([QrySafetyFigure].[BodyID])=36);
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    Thanks Nick. I discovered I could also use this:

    SELECT [QrySafetyFigure].[EDepartment], [QrySafetyFigure].[DateOfInjury] FROM QrySafetyFigure WHERE [QrySafetyFigure].[BodyID] IN(15, 16, 33);

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