i was using db2 9.1 and rad 7.0

but i realised that i must use 9.5 for some features,
and i uninstalled 9.1 and installed 9.5

now, i m using rad 7.0 and db2 9.5(is it possible to use these together? i can not generate a connection yet if it is not possible, it is not necessary to read left of the message)

but it is not easy for me to download and install rad 7.5 because of my net bandwith etc.

the stuation is:

i generated an xml supported database named purexml in 9.5,
i selected c:/ directory for location because it didn't accept another,

and db2 9.5 generated it in C:/db2/node0000 directory where my previous db2 installation generates its db's in it.

anyway, in rad, while trying to generate a connection to my database there is no db2 9.5 name in database manager box on rad7's new connection window and so i selected 'generic jdbc 1.0', thinking maybe it is the right one.

and i wrote in rad7 in new connection window sth like:

database: C:/db2/node0000/purexml

jdbc driver class:com.ibm.db2.db2jcc.DB2Driver(dont know if it is right)

class location:C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP70Shared\plugins\
com.ibm.datatools.db2_2.0.101.v200811061754\driver \db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar
(and sth more i can not write now)

connection url:jdbc:db2://host:50000/purexml(what should i write for port number, how can i learn my port number)

when i click test connection now it says:

the server does not match the specified database manager.
specified database manager: generic jdbc 1.0
remote server:db2 udb v9.1
do you want to continue?

it says remote server:db2 udb v9.1

but when i clicked "about" in db2's control center,

it says db2 v9.5.200.315

how should i connect to db2 9.5 from rad 7.0. or isnt it possible.

what should i write for:


jdbc driver class:

class location:

connection url:

thanks a lot