I work on an a java application that enables a person to search for documents. When they search for something ex 'peanut', a stored procedure is invoked by the java application. Within the procedure is code to invoke open query to search for the work within a catalog.

(currently an old version of microsoft indexer is used and it creates a catalog stored in a table in the file server where the documents are)

The problem is that version of the microsoft indexer is no longer supported, in fact I don't think microsoft made any newer version of it.

What can I do to replace the indexer?

I was thinking of using sharepoint search but does it allow query search?
I was also thinking of microsoft search 4.0 is it a good idea?
I was also thinking of storing the documents as a blob in a separate table and I heard sql server 2005 has an indexer and can index that table.

Are those good ideas? why or why not?

Please help
thank you