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    Unanswered: DataGrid Double-Click Event - Help Needed

    I need advice on how to pass the details of a double clicked datagrid record to another form and display as text boxes etc. This will act as an edit form for the user once they have clicked their desired record.

    I'm having real trouble sorting this out, can anybody help?

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    Private Sub datagrid1_DblClick()
    On Error GoTo err123
    text1.Text = datagrid1.Columns(0)
    text2.Text = datagrid1.Columns(1)
    text3.Text = datagrid1.Columns(2)
    text4.Text = datagrid1.Columns(3)
    text5.Text = datagrid1.Columns(4)
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Description
    End Sub

    try this. but first you have to set datagrid's datasource.

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