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    Unanswered: Move text box from one form page to the next

    I am fairly new to Access and I am having a problem passing data from the first page of a form to succeeding pages. Here's the scenario:

    1. Name table contains user names (only 2 users)

    2. There is a Data table for each user containing data specific to each user (2 data tables with many entries per user)

    3. There is a separate data entry form for each user (2 forms)

    I have the user name in a text box at the top each data entry form.
    I want the user name at the top of each page for each data entry form.

    The problem is when I open a form, the user name appears on the first form page O.K., but not on the succeeding pages.
    The user table and the data table are in a linked relationship.

    Can anyone tell me how to get the text box (user name) from one page to the next?

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    Have you tried moving it to the form's page header section?
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but the result is the same. What I need to do is to capture the Name from the name table and carry it forward to each succeeding page, but I can't figure out the VBA code to do it. Also can you tell me what you mean by "I.D. ten T errors."
    Thanks for your help

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