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    Unanswered: Parameter Queries

    I understand how to make a simple parameter query but i am now at the stage where i want to limit to values that can be entered into the prompt box. This is because i only want values that are present in my Product_ID column in my Product_Table to be able to be entered in the prompt box this meaning i wont get no results on my search.

    The reason for this is that the parameter query is bound to a form and if i enter an product ID that is not equal to one in my product_ID column the form displays completly blank so i need to limit the values that can be entered so that only values from my Product_ID column can be entered.

    Any Ideas? Much Appreciated

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    Create a query of your product_ID field and use this as the rowsource of an unbound combo control on your form.

    Then set the properties of the combo to 'LimitToList = True' so they cant free-type.

    You may also want to ensure that the list is in a certain order although I suspect you know how to do this (Using the Order By Clause or adding a sort column in the query designer).

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