USCensus Bureau is hiring 1.2 Million !
The US Census Bureau has announced they are hiring for Census Takers at $18.00 per hour and for other positions in the office too ($13-16 for clerical, up to $20 for Resource Associates (people who administer the test), and up to $22 for Supervisors)
All work is temporary, but can last until September 2010.. Work is for up to 40 hours a week - no benefits, no vacation or sick days.
Anyone interested should apply at the U.S. Census Bureau or link to:
www.censusegov/ 2010censusjobs/ index.php
http://www.census. gov/2010censusjo bs/index. php
Call (866) 861-2010 to be connected to the office nearest you and tell them you want to take the Census Bureau test.
Pass the word. Many people need a job and are looking for employment!
These links have more info about the various jobs that are available:
tp://www.census. gov/ronyc/ www/images/ NYRO-Supervisory -Flyer.pdf
http://www.census. gov/ronyc/ www/images/ NYRO-Non- Supervisory- Positions- Flyer.pdf