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    Unanswered: ODBC Driver DB2...ISeries access vs Client access express vs datadirect

    We have moved systems from an onsite as400 to a hosted iseries. I don't have any access to the hosted server as far as admin level rights so I don't know what the os version is.

    Anyways, is Client access express v5r2 really that much better than Iseries connect? The datadirect driver is pretty good, but I need the host name and license key to get it to work, and it kind of eats itself on some joins...and is missing some odbc functions (though they say they work...not so much).

    I was using ssis to read info out of our as400 running 4 or 5 queries at the same time, and now since I switched the odbc driver to iseries I have nothing but errors, unless I run them one at a time it seems.

    Should I use the CLAE odbc driver (ibm even recommends odbc over their ole driver ....lots of decimal buffer overflows and datetime issues, unless you cast all the decimals in your sql. The iseries data viewer can't even display it's own results half the time (timestamp/pack fields with null or '1-1-0001' value).

    Can I even use the CLAE drivers with a zseries, or whatever an iseries is?


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    Some background

    I will be using mostly SSIS (SQL Server) with this, but some php and C# in to get at this also, hence the odbc drivers.

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    Thumbs up Where Client Access Express ODBC driver executes the query

    I am using ssis to fetch some data from JD Edwards system with some where clause. but i am getting less number of rows as a result set (Count in hundreds) where it need to fetch lakhs of records.

    My doubt is how this odbc works whether it is just take the result executing at jde or odbc is playing some executing role...As i know this is the best odbc drive we can use it for connecting to jde..

    Any suggestions plz...

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