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    Unanswered: push a button run a report

    In the old versions of Cr that i use to use with VB6 all you had to do to run a report was place a control (invisible) on a form and use properties of a button to set the report name and path and wham it was done. I need to be able to use a button in vb and show nothing else to the user and have it go to a printer. Any help would be appreciated!

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    this should post in visual basic not in Crystal Report.


    I use CR11,but try this.

    on your vb

    Click Project>Reference
    1. Crystal ActiveX Report Viewer Library 11 '(maybe 8.5, BECAUSE YOU HAVE cr8.5)
    2. Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Design and Runtime Library 11
    3. Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Run Time Library 11

    then click OK

    Click Project>Components
    1. Crystal ActiveX Report Viewer Library 11

    click Apply then OK

    Click Project>Add Crystal Reports 11

    I think you already made a Report so choose Option button From an Existing Report then click OK

    after you choose Existing file you will notice a form is added except from a Designer.

    thats it, your done

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