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    Unanswered: Read please! POST-QUERY Question

    Hello! Need help! I am developing a system in Oracle Forms Builder

    I want to create a POST-QUERY on block that retrieves records which have certain value in a form view, not tabular.

    I have to write a PL/SQL can someone help me?

    Database table – xx_dso_sugg | The field name – fss_sugg_status | The value is – null
    Block name – xx_dso_sugg

    Basically, I want to retrieve records which have no value in the field xx_dso_sugg.fss_sugg_status

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    What is the problem, really? The fact that you don't know how to write a SELECT statement or ... something different?

    Because, SELECT has to contain INTO. Target is, in this case, form item referenced by a colon sign (:), block name, dot (.) and item name. Something like
    SELECT some_value INTO :my_block.my_item 
    FROM some_table
    WHERE your_condition_here
    If you are uncertain of the result, perhaps you should first test it in SQL*Plus.

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    Thanks :O I will try that in my work server.

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