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    Unanswered: Turning off DB Window at Startup

    Hello again, Colleagues All,

    I have an application which is supposed to turn off the DB window at startup (leaving only the operational forms visible) unless the user is Owner, when it leaves the window open for modifications, etc.

    This worked fine in earlier versions of Access, but following a recent upgrade to Access 2003, the behaviour is different. Instead of turning the window off, so that it is invisible, it merely disables it, greying out the title field.

    The line of code which does the (supposed) turning off/on operation is:

    Set StartUpShowDBWIndow = CurrentDb.CreateProperty(, , 0)

    controlled by the value of the third parameter.

    Any advice to offer, you clever people out there ?

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    I never ever ever ever ever ever ever allow the db window (at all) for users. I just turn it off in Tools - Startup.
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    I use a different technique. I open a "background" form, maximize it, and then open all my other forms as popups/modals (see the getuser example in the code bank for a demonstration).

    This disables the top MSAccess Menus (you cannot click on them with a modal popup form open) and also keeps users from viewing any tables. I then have an "admin Close" button on the Main Menu form which is only visible when it recognizes my login name (from the getuser routine). When I click this button, it closes the Main Menu form and then the "Background" form and quickly allows me access to table, form design, etc...

    This has worked great for keeping users from getting into the backend tables and allowing developers to quickly get into it.
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    Simply try this:
     RunCommand acCmdWindowHide
    Have a nice day!

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