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    Unanswered: Consuming webservice using utl_http

    Our software is all pl/sql based (10g) and runs using the mod/plsql package in apache using htp.p calls.

    I need to consume an external web service but have no experience of doing this or any experience using soap.

    I think the best way is going to be using the utl_http package as I want to be able to do this from pl/sql and do not want to use java and then presumably use the xmldom package to read the XML?

    I'm familiar with the xmldom package and have used that before but I've not really used the utl_http package in this soap sort of way! I assume I would use something like utl_http.request to call the web service?

    The WSDL is this : are there any tools in oracle to allow me to build the client quickly in pl/sql?

    I just have no idea where to start and after seraching around many many sites for a day I am still none the wiser!

    The documentation says :
    In your code you should instantiate two objects, LettingRefAPI to get access to InsertTenant method and APICall to receive the return object.
    LettingRefApi.LettingRefAPI api = new LettingRefApi.LettingRefAPI();
    LettingRefApi.APICall apiCall = new LettingRefApi.APICall();

    You should now be able to get access to the InsertTenant method :
    apiCall = api.InsertTenant(values);e

    I've got no idea where to start in pl/sql so any pointers would be very useful

    Thanks in advance
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    When your only tool is a hammer, all challenges are viewed as nails.
    A hammer is a handy tool, but sub-optimal when the task is to divide 1 board into 2 pieces.
    In my opinion, attempting to abuse PL/SQL from deep within Oracle RDBMS to interface with an external web service, is the wrong tool for this task.
    I am convinced that with enough time & effort, it can be done,
    but the task might be completed faster & easier with a different tool.

    If this task were given to me, I'd use PERL to implement the desired goals.

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