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    Unanswered: Sybase Hang - No Errors in the Log


    We had a issue yesterday were all the users or ourselves could not get into sybase, it appears that sybase just hung.

    We have sybase EBF 11441
    running on Solaris 5.8

    on the unix box i could see the dataserver was still running but i could not connect. had to kill the process and start the sybase again.

    but there is nothing in the error log or on the unix logs.

    as any one experience this before? this has happened about 3 times in the last year, our support are not sure either

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    did you check the machine's swap when this happens ?
    i am confused ...

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    When you state the dataserver was still "running", what exactly did you find out ?
    - cpu time changing (and staying high)
    - I/Os changing
    which means it was actually running and so busy that connection failed (timed out). As opposed to hung, doing nothing, and unable to accept connections.

    In the former case, you need to check that is was not in an infinite loop, or rolling back a large transaction.
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