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    Unanswered: Error executing Remote DTS Package


    After installaing a huge amount of Windows Automatic Updates on our MSSQL 2000 ENT Edition Server running on Windows 2003 ENT Edition, I recive an error on one of our Web Applications when it tries to execute a remote DTS on the SQL Box.

    This is the Error Message I recieve:
    DTSRun: Cannot create COM Server to load and execute DTS Package. Error -2147221008 (800401F0): CoInitialize has not been called.

    Has anyone seen this happen on one of your SQL Servers?

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    Can you post the DTSRun command and all parameters you are passing ?

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    We discovered that the web service uses the xp_cmdshell command to execute the remote DTS Packages.

    When running the following Command in SQL, whe receive a NULL in the Query Results:

    Command: xp_cmdshell 'dir C:\*'
    Results: NULL

    When the same command is run on a different SQL Server, I receive the contents of the C:\ Drive as the results (which is the expected results!).

    It seems that one of the Security Fixes installed on the Operating System caused this command to fail (one of 48 security patches).

    Does anyone know if there is a Quick Fix (in SQL Server) for this problem other then removing all the security updates from the Server's OS?

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