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    Unanswered: Help with DB


    I've taken a week holiday from work to try and get this DB working 100%

    Stuck on two issues that I'm not having too much luck with

    I need to have a button that will "copy" one form to another

    The form in question is Quotes & Workorders

    Scenario is -

    Employee creates a quote on the system. Quote is accepted by the customer and then a workorder is created. Rather than the employee having to re-enter all the details, I want him to open the quotes form again and click a button that will create the workorder.

    Qoutes contains a few fields

    QuoteID AutoNUmber
    AND has a subform to select the materials for the job
    Linked field is QuoteID on thesubform

    Workorders has pretty much the same
    AND a subform for Materials, however, the subform on this one is
    linked by WORKORDERID

    Can it be done?

    I have tried INSERT INTO commands with VBA, but having no joy
    Not the best at DBs yet,

    Looking for someone to have a look at the DB and see if this can be done, and either help me do it or allow them to do it for me. Would rathe do it myself tho

    The other thing I'm looking for is about calculated fields, but will go into that after this one

    Hope someone can help

    Chees in advance
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    P.S If you can't open DB use the Shift key I think to bypass timetrial

    ACCESS 2007 also

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    What's the format of the file in the zip you posted?

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    The format is Access 2007 - ACDE

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    I'd suggest having code behind the form run an append query which you'd already have written that uses a form field as its criteria.

    Example criteria for an ID field:

    And to create an append query you would get into design mode and choose your original table and pull each of the fields and include the above criteria.

    Then in the menu at the top do Query | Append Query and then it will ask which table you want to append to...

    And my 2nd suggestion would be that instead of doing all the above simply have a yes/no field called something like IsWorkorder in your original table and not have a 2nd table at all - and not storing separate copies of data is known as data normalization.
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    I created the append query late last night and although it appears to working smoothly, I'm not able to get the subfrom working.

    Its only the subform for "Materials" that needs to be copied now.

    Both forms - Quotes & Workorders, have the Materials table init. How can I copy that from Quotes to Workorders?

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