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    Unanswered: How do I move the records of a column of Table1 to Table2 by creating the column


    I have got two tables: Table1 and Table2

    I need to move the column(say col1) records of Table1 to Table2.
    Note: col1 does not exists in Table2. So I need to add the column col1 to Table2 and then move the records of col1 from Table1 to Table2.
    Please suggest me as to how to proceed with this...

    Thanx in advance.


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    It depends...

    Are the rows in both tables already in sorted order?

    If not, is there an index or other type of record identifier in both tables that can be used to determine which column/row value from Table1 should go with which record in Table2 after the new column has been added?

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