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    Unanswered: custom form template

    Dear Sir

    kindly i need to know how to create a custom form template MS access 2003 ?


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    Your question is vague. If you are new to MS access, you need to create a new database by selecting File then New, and then you specify a name for your database.
    Highlight the Forms icon, and then click on create form in design view.
    you can now start adding items on your form from the toolbox

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    Angry ummmm !!!

    Dear Sir

    indeed seem u who is new to MS ACCESS , what i want , that to make a custom template which can be used in any new form creation check the image and i want to add a new template to this list
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    Make a form to look how you want it to, then Format -► AutoFormat -► Customise -► Create a new....

    I think that's what you're after
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