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    Unanswered: Merge replication

    Hi, Im using MS Sql Server 2008 and merge replication.
    When I add table1 to merge replication its destination object name is table1 too but I would like to change it to table2.

    Is it possible to change destination object name?

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    Found an Answer..????

    G'day Ivan,

    I was just wondering if you had figured out how to do this yet...???

    I found that noone had responded...

    I was thinking that if you create the replication as normal using the GUI in the SQL Server Management Studio... then script it out.. you could then manually change all the output object names...

    I haven't tried this yet...

    The only thought that one of the guys I work with mentioned was: "how does the replication know what your output tables are called"..

    It may only work if your synchronisation direction is "Download-only to Subscriber, prohibit Subscriber changes", the default seems to be "bi-directional"

    I don't know if this means that the output tables are actually read-only then or if the tables will be read/write but the changes will be overwritten when the next synch occurs...
    For my purposes at least this wouldn't be an issue, because I could create a sepearte table for all changes I want to be persistent after a synch...

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    I didn't figured it out but I made some workaround that satisfy my needs. The problem was that I had table1 on two servers (S1 and S2). I didn't want to replicate table1 S1 to table1 S2 but to table2 S2. So I created table3 on both servers. On S1 I update table3 from table1 and then on S2 I update table2 from table3. So only table3 is in the replication.

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