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    Unanswered: Access & Multiple Users

    I am creating an Access db for about 6 users. All these users are going to do is - print reports (which I have created for them), - edit data in a table (delete and edit lines of data) - no action queries nothing

    and that is it.....

    How do I do that? Do I need to do anything special to the database or is Access clever enough to realise that multiple users are in the same table at the same time..... THIS IS REALLY URGENT BY THE WAY AND i AM A NOVICE USER

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    Access is a multi user system, the number of users it can support withiout problems varies (with system design, data storage mechanism and may other things). if you are going to support only 6 users then standard Access shoudl be fine

    however table edits could be a problem, I'd suggest you use a form for this purpose. I'd also suggest you tie everything together with a menu or swicthboard so your users are not encouraged to dabble with things they shouldn't

    I'd suggest you deploy the application in two parts. the back end contains all the tables, the front end contains all the user interface forms, queries & reports. I'd suggest the front end is deployed as an MDE (MDE means they users can't make changes). You probably also ought to deploy the live data as an MDE aswell. if you do go down the MDE route then make sure you keep your working copies of your MDB's as that how you make changes in the future (changes in MDB, export user copies as MDE).

    There are some things you should do to each users copy of access, in the settings turn on record locking (NOT table, page or optimistic)

    Im sure others will have some suggestions as well

    if you want to test how access wors with multiple users, start another instance of Access either on your own machine or another and see what happens
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    thanks for the reply! This was very useful and I shall investigate the solution you suggested.

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