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    Unanswered: Formula Help Needed


    I have a field called SOP_Item_Due_date that if unpopulated I would like it to equal another field called Sales_Order.Delivery_Date or if populated to equal itself. I have various if then else statements, but keep getting syntax errors.

    Please help


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    I'll assume you've added a calculated field to your report to take the place of SOP_Item_Due_date.

    The formula for the new field will be something like this:

    if IsNull({SOP_Item_Due_date})
    then {Delivery_Date}
    else {SOP_Item_Due_date}

    I'm a lousy typist, so I get less syntax errors when I choose items from the builder list than if I type even the simplest formula.

    If you post some of the failed formulas, we may be able to whip them into shape.

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