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    Unanswered: creating a form from a query ((very basic!))

    Hi guys,

    im very very new to access and ive been trying to figure out how to fix an error i have in creating a form. i have read the FAQ guide and still cant fix this, ive been trying for hours!

    i have created a query from two seperate tables, and then created my form off that.

    ive uploaded the database (its very small) so you guys can see what im explaining! it can be found at the link below

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    i basically want to search for the acession number of a CD have it bring up the artists and title, input the issue date and the due date.

    i also want the user to enter the borrower ID number have it save in CD copy table, and veiw the borrowers details at the same time.

    i get several errors when attempting this, the find function for example wont search the acession number giving the error "the command or action "find" isnt available now"

    and when i try to enter the borrower ID number i get a message in the bottom bar stating "cannot add record join key of table cd copy not in record set"

    i realise i must of explained this really bad, if there is any information required i will do my best to explain it. i would appriciate any help what so ever in how i can fix my problems :-)

    thanks in advance

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    1) Find is a method for ADOBD recordsets, try with FindFirst <criteria>.

    2) How is your query built ?

    Have a nice day!

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    Make sure you include the primary and foreign keys in your query!
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