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    Unanswered: Identity My Session - onstat -u


    I have a multi-user application connecting to the database.
    As such, the user id would all be the same for all the connections.

    Running onstat -u would list all the sessions connecting
    to the database. But the issue is, how can we identity which
    is user1, user2, etc session?

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

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    onstat -g ses shows only the sessions...
    onstat -u shows also session's threads,

    If your application connects with only one user name, you can't find out, which session is user1, user2 etc.
    But in generally, one session stands for one user(also depends on your application). If your users are connecting from different hosts, column 'hostname' in 'onstat -g ses' may help you.

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