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    Question Unanswered: VB Program Installation - Help Needed

    I am writing a VB6 program for my client, it is a multi-user program with an MS Access database as back-end. Each user will use the program in his/her own PC.

    There are 2 ways in regard to installation and user access :
    (1) Install the program and database in the server and then let users access the program (from server) with shortcuts; OR

    (2) Install the database in the server and then install the program in each PC which links to the database in the server.

    Which way , do you think, is BETTER and more PROFESSIONAL ?

    Thank you very much in advance !


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    If you must use access, install the database in the server, then install the front end on the clients. (A control that is in the program may not already be installed on the client...)

    A generally more robust (and efficient) approach than Access is to use a database server, even a limited server like SQL Express/MSDE, PostgreSQL, or the like.
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