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    Unanswered: how to find the relationship between oracle and MSSQL

    hi ,

    i am new to this forum.

    problem is one table presents in oracle database and another table presents in MSSQL database. but both the tables are related one.

    how can i identify the relationship between both the tables present in different

    ie is it possible find the relation between tables presents in different database.

    Please Share ur ideas.

    (I think u understand my problems)


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    >(I think u understand my problems)
    no, please clarify & provide reproducible test case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karthi_selva
    Please Share ur ideas
    Sorry my english isn't that good. May I ask what a "ur" idea is?

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    Look into Transparent Gateways (an expensive Oracle option). I doubt that it allows you to create relationships across databases, but we've never been willing to pay for it, and experiment with it.

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