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    Unanswered: Macro condition-compare w/field in table

    Hi. I am trying to use a condition in a macro to compare the value entered in a form's text box with the value in a table. I can't seem to get the correct syntax, but it can't be impossible. I really am not able to use VB and don't have time to learn it. ID10-T I guess. Any suggestions? Much appreciated.

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    Macros were not conceived for this kind of thing: they execute something and not a lot more. What you want to do (computing) is typically in the domain of VBA.

    If it would be possible to perform complex calculations with the macro language (I'm not sure it is possible) it would be far more complicated that to write a little piece of code in VBA. If you write a Function in VBA you can use it in a macro, though.

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    You're only hope is a DLookup function I would think. However, I really don't use macros at all, so I am not sure if it is possible or not.
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