I have 4 options on a Form called TestResults:

Option1: 0 - 8
Option2: 9 - 12
Option3 13 - 14
Option4: > = 15

I have created two fields called:


The field SelectedTestResultOption, stores the option selected.

The OptionTestResultActual together with the 4 Option buttons appear on the TestResults form, within a frame called TestResultsFrame.

The text box, OptionTestResultActual, enables the user to enter the actual test result, but is limited by the Option criteria by the selected option prior to entering the actual test result.

How do I:

1) Enable the user to enter a number within the selected option criteria in the text box?
2) Set a Validation rule for each of the criteria within the text box, in order to ensure that the user only enters a number within the option criteria selected.
3) The text box is only enabled if a criteria is selected.