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    Unanswered: Execute multiple procedures in a parallel state

    I am wondering how can I execute all individual procedures in parallel state in following script using sqlplus. I know I can create individual script for each procedure and execute it in different oracle sqlplus session but that solution is not viable.

    Vld_ref_dt_i date;
    EDW_ODS_SIT.QA_USER_LOOKUP.USR_LKP_SUPPORTFORCE_CN T (to_date('12/31/2009','mm/dd/yyyy')); COMMIT;
    EDW_ODS_SIT.QA_USER_LOOKUP.USR_LKP_USER_ID_CNT (to_date('12/31/2009','mm/dd/yyyy')); COMMIT;
    EDW_ODS_SIT.QA_USER_LOOKUP.USR_LKP_USER_LICENSE_ID _CNT (to_date('12/31/2009','mm/dd/yyyy')); COMMIT;
    EDW_ODS_SIT.QA_USER_LOOKUP.USR_LKP_USERNAME_EML_CN T (to_date('12/31/2009','mm/dd/yyyy')); COMMIT;
    EDW_ODS_SIT.QA_USER_LOOKUP.USR_LKP_USER_ROLE_ID_CN T (to_date('12/31/2009','mm/dd/yyyy')); COMMIT;
    EDW_ODS_SIT.QA_USER_LOOKUP.USR_LKP_USR_LOGIN_CNT (to_date('12/31/2009','mm/dd/yyyy')); COMMIT;




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    >execute it in different oracle sqlplus session but that solution is not viable.
    SQL*Plus does not do parallel.
    You might be able to obtain desired results via DBMS_JOB; but it won't be pretty or easy.
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