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    Unanswered: Problem using buttons to link to another table/form

    Hello, I'm currently learning how to use Access 2007 to create a database for some construction equipments. I've tried playing around with it myself but I couldn't figure it out at all even with some simple help from online tutorials. I'll quickly explain what I'm trying to do and see if anyone of you guys will be able to give me a hand.

    1) A list of Construction Equipment which I've created in both Table and Form. (ex. the list would have Hydraulic Excavator, Loader, Bulldozer, etc.)
    2) Since there are different types of Hydraulic Excavator, it is then split into Mini Hydraulic Excavator, Small, Large. (I want to make it so that the user can open the Construction Equipment Form, click a button specifically for Hydraulic Excavator and it should pop-up another form with the 3 sizes of Hydraulic Excavator)
    3) Within the Large Hydraulic Excavator there are different Models of it and I would like to again open up another form which will have all the specifications of a certain Model within the Large Hydraulic Excavator table.

    That's the general idea of what I'm trying to do. I'm not sure if I've explained myself well enough and I think it will be best if I actually send my Access database that I have so far for somebody to look over (or a screenshot of it.) I've tried building relationships between tables but I think I'm setting my database up completely wrong at the moment.

    Please feel free to ask me for anything that you need to assist me with the database. Thanks!
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    Check out the Northwind database that comes with MSAccess. There are some good pointers and great examples. Just DON'T use the lookup tab in the table design (to lookup a value in anothe table.) That part shouldn't be done in the table design (ever!). But seriously, I think you'll find some good starting points in the Northwind database to get you started. Otherwise, I'd perhaps pick up the Sybex MSAccess developers book. From the sounds of it, you want to plan out a lot ahead.

    I would first make sure you get the table structure setup correctly with the right relationships (and join types.) This will make it easier when you're doing the form design. Look at how the Northwind database made their relationships.

    You're welcome to upload it and we'll take a look at it.

    There are also many example coding "snippets" in the code bank which will help you do certain tasks easily. You may want to (for example) see some of the different Search routines on how to find records. or some of the Form Manipulation examples to see different ways you can make your form look.
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