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    Unanswered: Using DoCmd.OpenQuery with query parameters

    I need to open a query when a person clicks a button on a form. This query requires a couple of parameters which will be entered into the text boxes on the form.

    How do I include the parameters as part of the query?

    I was thinking along the lines of:

    DoCmd.OpenQuery( "SELECT * FROM Table WHERE Param1 = 'text'" )

    Any suggestions as to how this can be done?

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    Create the Query and point the where to the open form text box

    save the Query

    then DoCmd.openQuery("QueryName")
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    You mean like:

    SELECT * FROM Table WHERE Field = Forms("FormName")!ControlName

    That kind of thing?
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    I would have a text box on the form (say it's named: FCity). If you need a query to populate this value on the form, a dlookup function might be the best here to lookup a specific value in a query (read up on the dlookup function.) You can use the dlookup in the sourceobject of the control (ie. =dlookup("[MyValue]","MyTableToLookupValue",<criteria if needed>)

    Then for the query based on that textbox value on the form, the query would look something like this (in the code view):

    Select * from MyTable where MyField = '" & Forms!myFormName!FCity & "'" (for text comparisons)
    You can also use:
    Select * from MyTable where MyField Like """ & Forms!myFormName!FCity & """"

    or (for integer comparisons)

    Select * from MyTable where MyIntegerField = " & Forms!myFormName!FIntegerFieldName & ""

    If it's a "Like" statement on a text field on the form, I would put criteria (in the criteria row like...)
    Like Forms!MyFormName!FCity & "*"
    But keep in mind, using the like statement may not return blank value records.

    Often, I will create different queries with the different criteria based on 2 or more "criteria" textboxes on the form. If they put a value in one of the textboxes, I will set the recordsource so that the query with criteria is populated.
    Private sub FCity_AfterUpdate()
    me.recorsource = "qryBasedOnCity"

    and in my qryBasedOnCity query, I have the criteria under City: Like Forms!MyFormName!FCity & *

    You may want to look in the code bank under search examples. There are lots of them which can give you some good ideas.
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