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    Unanswered: Error text 10061 Net-Lib protocol driver call to connect two endpoints failed (08001)

    I am getting the following error on my sybase (rapid SQL)
    Sometimes it was gone once i am logoff and login .
    The error text is "layer (5), Origin(3) ,Severity(5) Number(4) OS Error (Failed to connect to the server -Error is 10061).ct_connect () network packet layer : internal net library error : Net-Lib protocol driver call to connect two endpoints failed (08001)"

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    Is the server running? Does the errorlog display any errors? The error you are getting suggests that either the server is down or can not be found over the network.
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    Server is running fine even if i connect the server through isql abd putty it will be successfully login . ...

    Hope the problem may be lies on network inconsistency .. But i m not too sure .. As i cant see any disconnection and packet transfer is fine ...

    Some suggested it may be a problem of installation . I have reinstalled it for several times but still i m not get rid of this error .

    This problem disapprears once i am log off /login ..
    Any thoughts !!!

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