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    Unanswered: DB2 UNICODE support

    I am running a DB2 v9 UTF-8 server supporting Unicode on Windows XP SP2 and I am trying to "reorganize" and "update statistics" for a table having Unicode name.
    The DB2 client that I have crashes in "javaw.exe", when I run a statement such as "REORG TABLE SCHEMA."вфы" " or " RUNSTATS ON TABLE SCHEMA."вфы" ON ALL COLUMNS WITH DISTRIBUTION ON ALL COLUMNS AND INDEXES ALL ALLOW WRITE ACCESS;" (update statistics)
    Shouldn't this be supported? Everything else works fine for tables...
    Can anyone run the same statements on their servers?
    Also I run the same statement in another DB management tool (DBArtisan), and it says "DBMS UTF8 -- SQL2211N The specified table does not exist."
    Anyone has any idea what happens, or a relevant link to Unicode support?

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    is the windows enabled for this language
    to accept correct data, the windows client has to be defined for this supprting language; there is some article in developerswork that show a sample of japanese data handling
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