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    Unanswered: Performancetuning

    Hello !

    can someone give me an hint? I have a performance problem with Microsoft Access in combination with a DB2 database server. With increasing ammount of data the operation of the system becomes slower. In addition the system keeps hanging and runs only after clicking somewhere with the mouse (?!) . Does one of you have hints for the optimization of the system? At which points one can screw (indices on DB2 database, ODBC connection parameter,…?). Have anyone some Experiences on these topics ?
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    Sinc e you have given no info on what is the problem, you will not get much help. Having supported a couple of apps that used access, my guess is that you are pulling every row from a table into access, with no restricting where clause to limit the data. So, as your table gets bigger it will take longer to put that data into access. Also, I don't know what the limit on nbr of rows is in access any longer, but you could reach that at some point in the near future. Indexes may help if there is an actual where clause being executed. You could run the query through design adviser to see if there are any suggestions on that front. Then there's always have you done any maintenance work such as reorgs/runstats. etc... there is tons of data in the archives here on improving performance and thru put as well as the IBM redbooks and google is very useful for finding help. You may want to read through some stuff prior to the next query.


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