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    Question Unanswered: Oracle HTTP Server

    Hi friends,

    -I installed Oracle 9i in my Windows XP desktop.
    -I am using general purpose database.
    -I unlocked the user HR.
    -Now I run http://localhost/isqlplus
    -I entered user name and password of the unlocked user.
    -The browser displays page cannot be displayed

    Why is this happening? Please help.


    - I opened services.msc
    - Checked and knew that the oracle http service is not running.
    - I tried to start the HTTP service.
    - Message is displayed, indicating, some of the services not used starts and shutdowns automatically.
    - This message keeps on comming, hence I cannot start Oracle HTTP service.

    How can this problem be solved. Please help...
    Do I need to format the whole computer to make this thing work? or there is any other way to tackle this problem.

    Please Please help.

    Thanks in advance,
    Binayak P Silwal

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    try to check the localhost you type.

    Check IP add of the computer you are connecting to. That IP add should be your localhost.
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    I have installed the oracle in my desktop to practice and learn oracle.
    I am not connecting it to any other remote computer.
    So I think localhost or should work.

    I can open the login form, but immediately after I enter login info and click on submit, the page cannot be displayed is shown.

    Dont you think oracleHTTPserver should have running status inside services.msc?

    Please help

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    To be honest I've never used iSqlPlus, but a quick trawl of Google threw up the following:

    To log into iSQL*Plus, perform the following:
    1. Make sure your Oracle HTTP Server is running.
    2.Enter http://<hostname>:7778/isqlplus into your Web browser's Address or Location field.

    As you state that the HTTP service isn't working and that you didn't specify port 7778 in the address I would guess that both issues need to be sorted before you can log in.
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