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    Unanswered: Runtime Error 3134 - Insert Into Syntax Error

    Hi, im trying to append a record to a table called "SERVER" using the following code.

    ************************************************** *******
    Dim sql
    Dim year
    Dim gp
    Dim dates
    Dim datename
    year = Me.Year_Textbox
    gp = Me.GP_Code_Textbox
    datest = CStr(Me.YearStart)
    datename = "date 1"

    sql = "INSERT INTO SERVER (Year, GPCode, BoxID, Value) VALUES ( '" & year & "' , '" & gp & "' , '" & datename & "' , '" & datest & "' )"
    MsgBox sql
    DoCmd.RunSQL sql

    ************************************************** *******

    my problem is that it keeps returning a RUNTIME ERROR 3134 INSERT INTO SYNTAX ERROR.

    I cant for the life of me figure this out. can anyone help please?

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    "Year" and (I think) "Value" are reserved words in Jet SQL, and should not be used for field names. To get around this, surround them with square brackets ("[Year]", "[Value]").
    Also, what data type are the fields? Your SQL statement is treating every value as text, which will cause problems if the fields are set to other types.

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    reserved words don't helpthings

    what does the message box say, does the SQL its displaying look valid

    it could be duff data
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