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    Angry Unanswered: Cant find control source

    I have an access db I downloaded for free for helping track issues. Its pretty simple but I've tried adding a field or two for things like Asset ID numbers and a closed date for the issue. The problem is after I create a table of Asset ID's for my Issues form I try and create a combo or list box on the form but I never get the option to select my table of Asset ID's as the control source. The only control sources listed are for tables already there. How do I get Access to see my new table and list it as a control source? Thanks so much for all your help. This problem has been driving me crazy the past few days.


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    You have created Fields of AssetID and Closed Date - In which table?

    'after I create a table of Asset ID's' - Using the same table?

    Can you do a screengrab of your tables and their design please and post?
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    What version of Access?

    I've heard a similar problem where new tables don't show up in wizards. I can't remember what the solution is as I don't ever use wizards but I believe that problem was only for Access 2007.
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