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    Hi I'm a little new to constraints and am just wonder if it possilbe and how to write a constraint that will not allow a record to be saved if att x is left null if att y is not left null. so if a person compelteds field say for his fore name it forces them to complete the fields for thier sur name also, but it ok to leave both blank.


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    you can create a CHECK constraint on a table with any logical boolean expression that returns TRUE or FALSE based the logical operators, so you *could*:

    ALTER TABLE <table>
    ADD CONSTRAINT null_name_check CHECK (
    (column_a IS NOT NULL AND column_b IS NOT NULL) OR
    (column_a IS NULL AND column_b IS NULL)
    ) whether you *would* want to
    a) design your tables that way, or
    b) do this sort of validation in a constraint rather than in your application

    are rather more interesting questions....

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    That would be a CHECK constraint. Have a look in Books Online, have a go, and post if you get stuck.
    Out of curiosity - if your data entry person has a "customer" called Mr Smith, you really want them to enter nothing?
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    ur codings are working excelent.

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    forcing both firstname and lastname to be non-NULL (and to have a length) will most assuredly piss off those people who legally have only one name

    but maybe this question isn't about names | @rudydotca
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