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    Unanswered: Help needed on Many to Many relationship ER Diagram

    Hi all,

    I have been asked to solve the following problem which I found little difficult, I would appreciate if you can help me out solving the problem

    Inventory control

    A company wishes to create a database to control its inventory, which consists of a number of products divided into a number of categories, such as clothing, food, and stationery. An employee raises a purchase order when a product has to be reordered from the supplier. The tracking records supplies received, units sold, and any wastage.

    Q1: Produce a) Non-normalized ER model and indicate the many to many relationships ( Hint:- select the entities from the case study and indicate their primary keys, as well as name the relationship between the entities)
    b) Use suitable CASE tools to draw the Third normalized form ER diagram and shows all the keys.
    (Primary keys, foreign keys, composite keys)

    Q2: Model the entities/attributes table and show all the keys and possible attributes

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    Quote Originally Posted by msharma79
    ...the following problem which I found little difficult
    then you shouldn't have slept through class, lolz!!!

    okay, seriously, i have two questions:

    1. when is this assignment due?

    2. what have you tried so far? | @rudydotca
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    >Use suitable CASE tools to draw the Third normalized form ER diagram
    There are many sites which explain all about Third Normal Form (3NF).
    3NF is a Good Thing; so you should now start learning all about it.
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