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    Hello guys,
    I'm using database access and I'm having a question in the design.
    which is better?
    having a table that you know would have duplicate records, i.e. 2 records of each user
    or having two tables with normalized relationship of one to one.

    waiting for your reply.


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    Without knowing what you are storing and more importantly what criteria matters for picking which design is "better" I have to make a guess. In most cases, it is better to have one table than to have two tables.

    I'm moving your thread to the DBForums Microsoft Access Forum. It will probably get better answers there than in the Database Server Software | Other Forum.


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    Neither, if by "duplicate record" you actually mean duplicate record; two records in which every single piece of data is identical. What would be the point? Both designs would violate the principles of normalization.

    Why do you feel the need to have two identical records?
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    Hope this helps!

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    Neither. No table should contain duplicate rows and if you design according to good principles then it should not be possible for the same row to appear in two different tables either. In fact you can go further and say that it shouldn't be possible for any tuple that is even part of some row (including both key and non-key attributes) to appear in more than one table.

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